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There are no better spokespeople for our work than the people that it has impacted the most. Keep reading for insights from athletes and program leaders, sports journalists and WSF grant recipients, as they share how our efforts have affected change in their own lives. Dive deeper into our multi-faceted work by clicking the “Learn More” links and exploring our Advocacy work, our Travel & Training Fund, our GoGirlGo! program and the Champion Athletes who are our biggest fans.

WSF Letters of Support Help University of Iowa Field Hockey Players Have Their Voice Heard

"We would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for your letter to the Office of Civil Rights in support of our complaint. We believe your support was key in allowing the government to see the double standard that currently exists at The University of Iowa.

As you know, this issue is important to us because we, as female student athletes, are not being treated equally as compared to the male student athletes at our University. Unfortunately, the University has chosen on numerous occasions to ignore us and our complaints, which left us no other options. Your outstanding letters of support were instrumental in helping the Office of Civil Rights answer our complaint. Without this support none of this would have been possible.

Again, thank you for taking your time to support our cause. Everything you have done is extremely appreciated by all of us!

Sincerely, Chandler Ackers, Natalie Cafone, Dani Hemeon, and Jessy Silfer"

Pictured: Chandler Ackers, University of Iowa

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Foundation Leadership Scores On the Field and Off

”What always strikes me is the Foundation’s impact and how much the Foundation succeeds in doing each day. One of my biggest goals is to make all this good work more visible. The Foundation and everything it has accomplished embodies this humility that I think is fantastic; I also want people to have a better understanding of who the Foundation is and what it does. WSF’s work is a little more discreet and I would love people to know that there is this organization out there that supporters can come to when they need help, when they have issues that need to be addressed. I want to help the world know that the WSF is a resource and one that they can really rely on.”

- Angela Hucles, WSF President, Two-Time Olympic and World Cup Medalist

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The Travel & Training Fund Helps Great Athletes Becomes the Best

”This season was a very positive and productive one. Alex and I competed in more events than we have ever done before. I am so appreciative of the support from the WSF Travel and Training Grant as it funded the choreography and dance consulting which helped make our Spanish-themed Short Dance program a particularly strong competitive piece. We made continuous improvements and earned progressively higher scores as the season progressed. It was very gratifying to earn career best international scores at major Championship events – Four Continents and the World Championships.

The support and partnership of the Women’s Sports Foundation means so much to me. It is truly an honor and I really appreciate it.

All the best,

- Maia Shibutani, 2012 and 2014 Travel & Training Fund grant recipient”

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GoGirlGo! Shapes Physically and Emotionally Strong Girls

"As the Youth Development Director of The YMCA of Southwest Washington I was first introduced to the Women’s Sports Foundation during the summer of 2013.

Upon reading about this program and it’s dedication to the young girls across the US, I was hooked ! I sent out the information to our local schools and ended up with 7 schools and approximately 120 girls participating in the program. We began the program in February 2014 and ended on May 10th with a 5K Fun Run and celebration. The girls and leaders have loved the program and have grown so much physically, emotionally and mentally.

All involved are excited to continue to support the Women’s Sports Foundation in future programs and fun runs. Thank you Women’s Sports Foundation for allowing us to be a part of this amazing organization.”

- Casie Saavedra, GoGirlGo! Program Leader at The YMCA of Southwest Washington

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Sports Leaders Appreciate Foundation's Decades-Old Legacy

“As a professional tennis player in my twenties and now as a sportscaster in a predominately-male business, the work of the Women’s Sports Foundation has touched my life and career in many ways. Playing on the WTA circuit during the height of WSF Founder Billie Jean King’s legendary tennis career, I was afforded opportunities and experiences not available to female tennis players just a decade before. For this the entire WTA Tour can whole-heartedly thank Billie Jean for her vision and her steadfast belief in equality for all athletes.

Now, as I tell the stories of Olympians and professionals, many of whom have been supported by the WSF’s Travel & Training Fund, female athletes are front and center with their inspirational stories and commanding performances. Before the Women’s Sports Foundation, this would have never been possible. And because my heart lies with at-risk children, spending time at community-based youth sports programs like GoGirlGo! organizations really brings me full circle.”

- Mary Carillo, former professional tennis player and award-winning journalist.

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