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Women's Sports Foundation Team

Dr. Deborah Antoine, Chief Executive Officer
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Sarah Axelson, Senior Director of Advocacy
Elizabeth Murphy, Advocacy & Program Assistant
Olivia Wynn, Advocacy Assistant

Community Impact – Youth Engagement and Athlete Leadership

Olga Harvey, Vice President Community Impact
Elizabeth Flores, Associate Director, Community Impact — Youth Engagement
Lauren Kamperman, Associate Manager, Community Impact
Lauren Lubin, Associate Director, Community Impact — Athlete Leadership
Cathy Maher Smith, Athlete Leadership

Development and Events

Camille Mantelin, Senior Director of Development
Alison Ederer, Development & Event Manager
Javon Robinson, Development & Database Coordinator
Chris Voelz, Steward/Ambassador

Marketing & Partnerships

Aleia Naylor, Chief Marketing Officer
Kristen Gowdy, Digital Content Manager

Operations and Finance

Natoya Curd, Senior Director of Operations & Administration
Digant Bahl, Chief Financial Officer
Melissa Matthew, HR Operations Assistant
Monita Nhem, Accounting Manager
Xiao Dan Wang, Bookkeeper


Karen Issokson-Silver, Vice President, Research & Evaluation
Dr. Marjorie Snyder, Senior Director, Research & Programs
Dr. Don Sabo, Sport and Health Policy Advisor
Dr. Carole Oglesby, International Policy & Program Advisor


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