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Women's Sports Foundation Team

Dr. Deborah Antoine, Chief Executive Officer
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Sarah Axelson, Senior Director of Advocacy

Community Impact – Youth Engagement and Athlete Leadership

Olga Harvey, Vice President Community Impact
Elizabeth Flores, Associate Director, Community Impact — Youth Engagement
Lauren Kamperman, Associate Manager, Community Impact
Lauren Lubin, Associate Director, Community Impact — Athlete Leadership
Cathy Maher Smith, Athlete Leadership

Development and Events

Camille Mantelin, Senior Director of Development
Alison Ederer, Development & Event Manager
Blain Bradley, Associate Manager, Development
Chris Voelz, Steward/Ambassador

Marketing & Partnerships

Aleia Naylor, Chief Marketing Officer
Patty Bifulco, Vice President, Communications
Maria Heskin, Associate Director, Marketing and Partnerships
Kristen Gowdy, Digital Content Manager

Operations and Finance

Natoya Curd, Senior Director of Operations & Administration
Digant Bahl, Chief Financial Officer
Melissa Matthew, HR Operations Assistant
Monita Nhem, Accounting Manager
Xiao Dan Wang, Bookkeeper


Karen Issokson-Silver, Vice President, Research & Evaluation
Dr. Marjorie Snyder, Senior Director, Research & Programs
Dr. Don Sabo, Sport and Health Policy Advisor
Dr. Carole Oglesby, International Policy & Program Advisor


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