Participation of Transgender Athletes: The Foundation Position


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The Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution and Title IX’s prohibitions against sex discrimination have both been interpreted by state and federal courts to encompass discrimination based on gender stereotyping, including discrimination against individuals because of their gender identity or expression (i.e. transgender athletes). Therefore, schools may face legal liability if they deny access to such student-athletes, even if no law explicitly addresses the issue.

Participation of Transgender Athletes in Women's Sports: The Foundation Position (PDF 623k)

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By Women's Sports Foundation


Male Practice Players on Female Teams

The regular use of male practice players may take practice and participation opportunities away from female athletes on varsity teams. Did you know that the regular use of male practice players may be a Title IX violation?

Issues Related to Pregnancy & Athletic Participation

Policies concerning pregnancy and sport should protect both the health and rights of female athletes to participate in sports and physical activity.

It Takes A Team!

An education project focused on eliminating homophobia as a barrier to all women and men participating in sport.


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