WSF Travel & Training grantee Rosie Brennan claims first U.S. title

Rosie Brennan, a winner of our 2012 Travel & Training grant, won her first-ever national championship last week in Soldier Hallow, Utah, in the women's 10k cross country ski event. The 24-year-old Dartmouth graduate, who took up her sport in the eighth grade, also claimed the bronze medal in the sprint event.

Although not totally unexpected, the Park City native's astounding success at the U.S. National Championships was a welcome surprise to her coach, Erik Flora.

"It's something we could see was possible, but to have two medals in two days, yeah, that's fantastic," Flora told Park City’s Desert News. "She's training really well, training a lot, and you could see through the fall that she's just made one step after another. And being on her home course, that doesn't hurt either. It's wonderful."

An All-American at Dartmouth, Brennan previously finished first at the Eastern Intercollegiate Skiing Association Championships in 2011 and second at the St. Lawrence Carnival in 2010. With the help of our Travel & Training grant, Brennan is able to continue to compete at the elite level in Super Tours and World Cup events. Learn more about the WSF Travel & Training Fund here.

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