Travel & Training Fund: How to Apply

If the below information doesn't answer your questions, please contact us directly to learn more.

Travel & Training Fund: How to Apply

If the below information doesn't answer your questions, please contact us directly to learn more.

When are deadlines and other relevant dates?

Application for the 2014 Travel & Training Fund is now closed. Grants will be disbursed during the fourth quarter of 2014.

You will need to register with the Foundation’s grant-management system to access the application. Under the organization information, please enter the information for your National Governing Body (NGB). A Tax ID number is not required to register (so you may leave that space blank).

Any application that is late, incomplete, faxed or requesting funds for an event or purchase of equipment that will occur before the applicant would receive the grant money will NOT be accepted.

Who is eligible to apply?

1. Individual applicants and all members of a team must be female U.S. citizens or legal residents and be eligible to compete for a U.S. national team.

2. Applicants must have amateur status.

3. Applicants must demonstrate the ability, based on competitive record and years in training, to reach and compete at an elite level.
Those that have competed regionally (outside their state), nationally and/or internationally and/or are ranked by a national governing body.

4. Applicants must have a successful competitive record within their sport and/or age group.

5. In order to qualify for a team application, a team must consist of two or more females.

6. An individual or team may be awarded only one grant per calendar year and a maximum of three grants to an individual or team in a lifetime.

Who is not eligible to apply?

1. High school, college, university (intercollegiate or club) or community recreation sports teams.

2. Any athlete who is a member of a team already applying for a team grant may not also apply for an individual grant in the same grant period.

How would accepting a grant affect a student athlete's college eligibility?

1. Per the NCAA, for Division I and Division III athletes, receipt of a grant from this fund will jeopardize a prospective student-athlete’s or an enrolled student-athlete’s amateur status and make the individual ineligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics at the Division I or Division III level.

2. Per the NCAA, for Division II athletes, prior to initial full-time enrollment at any collegiate institution, a prospective student-athlete may use her athletics ability for pay without jeopardizing her amateur status. However, if the prospective student-athlete delays full-time collegiate enrollment following the graduation date of her high school class and continues to receive funds based on her athletics ability, the prospective student-athlete may have to sit an academic year in residence.

3. Athletes applying for the grant are responsible for checking the financial aid regulations of the NCAA or sports organization governing their current or future high school, college or university to avoid jeopardizing their eligibility for sports participation. For specific questions about your collegiate eligibility, please contact the NCAA or your collegiate institution directly.

How would accepting a team grant affect a student athlete's college eligibility?

1. Per the NCAA, if a team includes prospective student-athletes and currently enrolled student-athletes, NCAA amateurism rules would allow them to receive expenses from that team, provided they do not exceed the individual's actual and necessary expenses and are related to competition, or practice in preparation for competition, with the amateur team providing the expenses. For example, "general" training expenses would not qualify for this exception, but actual and necessary expenses for meals, lodging and transportation to represent the team at a competition would fit within this exception.

2. Please note that preferential treatment would occur by identifying specific amounts of funds to be received by each student, such as “earmarking” of funds, even if that amount is only provided for actual and necessary expenses. Designating how much money a student is to receive from the team funding is considered to have “earmarked” the funds for a particular student and would be contrary to NCAA amateurism regulations. However, it would be permissible for a team to provide an equal distribution of funds to each member of the team, provided the funds are for actual and necessary expenses as described in the previous paragraph. It is the responsibility of each institution to ensure that its student-athletes comply with NCAA legislation.

What is the grant amount awarded?

Individual amounts vary between $2,500 and $10,000. A minimum of $100,000 in grants will be awarded each calendar year.

What is the purpose of the Travel & Training Fund?

The goal of the fund is to provide direct financial assistance to aspiring female athletes with successful competitive records who have the potential to achieve even higher performance levels and rankings with our help. A list of the 2014 grantees is available here: Meet the Grantees.

Applicants will be judged on what information is available or provided at the time of submission.

Who administers the Travel & Training Fund?

The Travel & Training Fund is administered by the Women’s Sports Foundation and is supported by generous sponsors like Gatorade and public donations.

Travel & Training Fund FAQ 2014 (PDF 854k)

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Travel & Training Fund History

Since 1984, we have awarded grants to more than 260 teams and 940 athletes – including figure skaters Michelle Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi, alpine skier Picabo Street and the US National Water Polo Team.

Who are they?

In partnership with Gatorade, 23 individuals and three teams each received financial support ranging from $2,500 to $5,500 to help provide financial fuel to future Olympic and World Champions...and beyond.

2011 Travel & Training Fund Recipients

Grants provide financial fuel for future champions.


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