Women's Sports Foundation Team

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Deborah Slaner Larkin, CEO
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External Relations

Kathleen Anglim, Accounting Coordinator
Natoya Curd, Operations Manager, Executive Suite
Ann Thomen, Data Entry Clerk
Chris Voelz, Steward/Ambassador


Debby Hirshman, Director, Development
Shari M. Levitz, Director, Development Operations

Marketing and Communications

Lindsay Hock, Senior Manager, Leadership Services
Aleia Naylor, Vice President, Marketing
Maegan Olmstead, Digital Communications Coordinator  

Programs and Events

Sarah Axelson, Advocacy & Program Manager
Elizabeth L. Flores, Program Officer
Elizabeth Murphy, Advocacy & Program Assistant
Carole Oglesby, International Policy & Program Advisor


Dr. Marjorie Snyder, Senior Director, Research & Programs
Dr. Don Sabo, Sport and Health Policy Advisor

Not sure who to contact? Write us at info@womenssportsfoundation.org and your email will be directed to the appropriate staff member.


Published Jun 20, 2011
By Women's Sports Foundation


MARCH 29, 2010 – The Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF), founded by Billie Jean King in 1974, and a driving force in attracting girls and women to sports, better health and education, today named Kathryn Olson as the new CEO of the organization. Olson, a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees since 2005, served as chair of the Governance Committee.

Meet Our Team

We are athletes. We are activists. We are individuals dedicated to a cause we believe in – working together as a team.


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