Good Morning America – Billie Jean King on Title IX 40th Anniversary

On Monday, June 20, Women’s Sports Foundation founder Billie Jean King appeared on ABC to talk with Robin Roberts and co-hosts about her 50th anniversary at Wimbledon and the Foundation’s kickoff to the 40th anniversary year of Title IX. Billie Jean encouraged friends and fans to “Like” WSF on Facebook and stay tuned for big announcements.

Billie Jean King founded the Women’s Sports Foundation in 1974 just two years after the passing of the landmark legislation. Since then, the Foundation has been committed to keeping the promise of Title IX alive for this and future generations.

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Our Mission

The Women’s Sports Foundation is a non-profit that advances the lives of women through sports and physical activity.

About the Foundation


Dr. Lonnie Leotus “Lee” Morrison, Women’s Sports and Title IX Pioneer, Dies at 88

Dr. Lonnie Leotus “Lee” Morrison passed away on May 4 in Harrisonburg, Va., after life committed to the advancement of girls and women in sports. She was 88.

Then and Now

Title IX was created with a focus on education, but its impact on athletics has been phenomenal. It prohibited any educational institution that received federal funds from denying students from participating in educational programs or activities on the basis of sex. After the establishment of Title IX, the athletic environment in many schools in the United States began to change.

Nancy Hogshead-Makar: Olympic Athletes Need Better Protections from Sexual Harassment and Assault

Reports of sexual abuse in Olympic sports are, regrettably, becoming common. In a typical case, a promising young athlete is groomed over a period of time for a sexual relationship with her coach. What legal protections do athletes competing on club and Olympic teams have from sexual harassment and assault? Read on for perspective from WSF Senior Director of Adovacy, Nancy Hogshead-Makar.