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Sports 4 Life Program Spotlight: “If I could do this, I can do anything!”

Inspirational Triathlon Racing International (i-tri), in East Hampton, N.Y., received a Sports 4 Life grant one year ago. Founder Theresa Roden and the i-tri family work to reach the ever-growing Hispanic community in their area and give all girls access to sports and their endless benefits. WSF and i-tri are working together to get more girls in the game.

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"Sports Make Me Feel Wanted and Like I Belong": Sports 4 Life Program Spotlight

The Utah Development Academy (UDA) in Salt Lake City, Utah, received a Sports 4 Life grant one year ago. Coach Libby Stockstill and her UDA team reach girls that would otherwise have limited access, or no access to sports at all. WSF and UDA are working together to get more girls in the game.

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Supergirl Naomi Kutin is Breaking Cultural Barriers One World Record at a Time

While powerlifting may not seem the typical sport of choice for a young girl, fourteen year old Naomi Kutin has become known as arguably one of the strongest girl’s in the world and gained the nickname ‘Supergirl.’

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Helping Female Student-Athletes Avoid The Pitfalls of Alcohol Abuse

Today, the average age a girl in the U.S. has her first drink is 13. It is important for young girls to be aware of the problems associated with drinking and how to best protect themselves so that they may live a healthy life both physically and mentally.

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Who Will Be the Next Serena?

It was hard to look anywhere in the media in 2015 and not see the powerful and talented Serena Williams. Her exemplary career in a sport where so few African Americans compete makes her an important role model and inspiration for thousands of young girls and boys who hope to one day fill her shoes. The WSF is committed to increasing access to all sports for all girls and women regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or ability

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The Women’s Sports Foundation is a non-profit that advances the lives of women through sports and physical activity.

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