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How Sports Help Decrease the Risk of Teen Substance Abuse

(Photo by: Brent Drinkut/The Star)

We all know sports are good for our bodies and help us learn important life lessons, but do we know about the impact of sports participation on decreasing the risk of teen substance abuse? There are many aspects to substance abuse and the areas we will focus on here are smoking, smokeless tobacco and illicit drug use using our research report ‘Her Life Depends On It III’.

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The Younger, The Better: Study Examines the Lifetime Benefits of Sports for Girls

It has been proven time and again that physical activity and sports can improve the health and well-being of American girls and women, serving to reinforce the preventative health message that girls and women deserve and need complete access to opportunities. Now, a 20-year respective study from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) released this month shows how children’s social skills impact their success.

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Her Life Depends On It III & Women’s Health and Physical Activity

On May 12, 2015, we released the third edition of Her Life Depends On It, our comprehensive look at the links between participation in sport and physical activity and the health and well-being of American girls and women. In conjunction with Women's Health Week (May 10 - May 15), we created a WSF Report Brief, an overview of the women's and girls' health-related topics covered by Her Life Depends On It III.

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Four (Plus One Bonus!) Reasons to Celebrate our 41st Birthday with a Gift to the Girls & Women We Serve

41 years ago today in San Mateo, California, our visionary founder Billie Jean King signed the papers that made us officially the Women’s Sports Foundation. Since that fateful May day in 1974, we’ve been the passionate guardians of Title IX, we’ve given millions of dollars in grants to athletes of every level, we’ve lobbied on Capitol Hill for equal opportunities in sports for girls and women and we’ve celebrated the inspiring accomplishments of incredible champions at our Annual Salute.

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Sports 4 Life: Dawn Harper Nelson on Playing with Confidence

"I like this hairstyle. I know I look good. Now it's time to get down to business." How does two-time Olympic medalist Dawn Harper Nelson make sure she is ready to hit the track with confidence? What advice does she have for girls who might cite concerns over their appearance as a reason they are hesitant to play sports? Watch as Dawn shares her secrets to being "ready to get down to business" and more!

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