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Train Your Brain: How Exercise Can Promote A Healthy Mind

As we get older, it becomes increasingly more important that we pay attention to chronic diseases and staying healthy at all ages, giving special attention to mental diseases that have a greater risk with age. The good news is that we may already have part of the key to prevention -- staying active.

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Know the Facts: Fighting Off Depression with Physical Activity

As the air begins to cool and the leaves begin to change, it is important to be aware that many people are more susceptible to depression during the fall and winter seasons. Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression than men but regular exercise can help protect from this disorder.

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Getting Your Exercise and Self-Care Back on Track when Training Ends

It’s surprisingly easy for women athletes to lose their focus when training ends, plans change, bodies change, life happens. What does exercise mean to you when it’s not instrumental to hitting a specific target? Why should you drive yourself to work out when the pain is there but the gain isn’t clear? What’s your motivation now?

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How Your Daughters Sports Team Could Be Enhancing Your Family Life

When your daughter plays sports it can enhance your family’s dynamics. Sports help teach young girls important skills such as leadership, teamwork and confidence, all of which can lead to higher levels of family satisfaction in both single and dual-parent households.

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Keep Calm and Sweat

Summer is wrapping up which means the school year is getting ready to begin: a time of year where stress is almost inevitable. It has long been said that regular participation in physical activity has the positive effect of elevating mood states, so why not begin now?

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