Single-Sex Physical Education Classes: The Foundation Position


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Girls reap positive benefits from physical activity at a young age in terms of psychological and physical well-being and academic and career success later in life. For many young girls, physical education class is their first and only exposure to physical activity. School physical education is the most cost-effective mechanism for delivering quality movement programs to the greatest number of children.

Single-Sex Physical Education Classes: The Foundation Position (PDF 737k)

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By Women's Sports Foundation


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American Sports Council's lawsuit is an attempt to inject alarm and uncertainty into an area where there is none.

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Since 1972, female participation in high school sports has increased by more than 900%. Yes, girls want to play, too.

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We congratulate Coach Amber Parker and her attorneys who prevailed in an appellate court decision in a case challenging Franklin and other Indiana high schools' decisions to schedule boys' basketball games more frequently than girls' on "prime time" Friday nights.


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