Competition Seasons - Girls' Sports in 'Non-Traditional' Seasons: The Foundation Position


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Did you know that some athletic associations are regulating when girls have their sports seasons? The disadvantages that come with this practice are not just wrong, they're against the law.
Requiring female student-athletes to participate in sports during seasons which are different than traditional seasons discriminates against these female athletes and takes away from their athletic opportunities and experiences.

Competition Seasons - Girls' Sports in "Non-traditional" Seasons: The Foundation Position (PDF 437k)

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By Women's Sports Foundation


Homophobia and Sport Policy Recommendations

Athletic Department non-discrimination policies should prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the department and on teams.

Katie Thomas NY Times Article, At Two-Year Colleges, Less Scrutiny

The New York Times’ article, At Two-Year Colleges, Less Scrutiny Equals Less Athletic Equality, emphasizes the importance of Title IX oversight, and the ongoing importance of the laws themselves. Sports opportunities at Community Colleges are rare educational opportunities, subsidized with our tax dollars, delivering superior life-long returns on investment.

Title IX Playbook for Victory

I know there's something that's just not fair here, but I don't know what to do about it.


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